Battleme at The High Dive, Photo by Kris Layher

One of the first times Battleme played in Seattle, I was lucky enough to be one of the people to see Matt Drenik and his fellow band mates at the High Dive. I was blown away by his larger than life persona. The guy and his band know how to put on the kind of rock show that leaves you sweaty and fulfilled. You may have been lucky enough to catch his performance at Block Party, which got rave reviews from the likes of The Stranger. But, lucky for you, if you missed his performance at Barboza on Sunday you’re getting another chance tomorrow when he opens for Neon Trees at Showbox at the Market.

If you’re not familiar with Battleme, I’ll give you the hard and fast lowdown. Battleme is front man Matt Drenik’s newest project. Drenik was just a few years ago playing with Texas band Lions, but due to a condition causing him to slowly lose his eyesight, he moved in a new direction musically. Enter, Battleme. Drenik now lives in Portland, hence why we’re so lucky to see two performances by the rock guy within a week.

Battleme at The High Dive, Photo by Kris Layher

Battleme is a band which will undoubtedly find fans in Seattle with every performance he does, as his music is the type getting more more attention from concertgoers. As a backlash to the folk music that has been common here recently, more and more bands are going the opposite direction. You will not see any fiddles on this stage. Rather, Battleme will impress crowds with Drenik’s swagger and the volume that his band plays at. What is more, the songs you’ll hear at a Battleme show will turn you on, as the more upbeat songs on this album are dripping in sexy guitar riffs and screeching vocals.

Battleme is an opener tomorrow night for Penguin Prison and Neon Trees. Tickets are still available here if you’re like me and having serious live music withdraws post Capitol Hill Block Party.


Culture Battleme Plays Showbox at the Market Tonight, 7/27