Good to Die records released a compilation this week to highlight and celebrate their growing roster of quality heavy-minded bands. Nik Christofferson, the self-proclaimed Seattle Rock Guy, founded the label to further his mission of bringing as much attention to the hard rock scene in the Pacific Northwest as possible. The record serves as a perfect means of showcasing the better known acts, such as Absolute Monarchs and Sandrider, while also giving the masses our first taste of Portland bands, Gaytheist and Rabbits.

Coming off the heels of a great Capitol Hill Block Party – where three of the bands played the festival and they threw an after party at the Comet featuring two more of their acts – this compilation serves to build on the wave of notoriety Good to Die has been riding. If this record is a sign of things to come from Good to Die, this label is going to be a major player in the Pacific Northwest for years to come.

The compilation is 13 tracks long and is completely free on their bandcamp site. My personal favorite on the record is ‘The Corpse’ by Sandrider. Let me know your favorite track in the comments or hit me up on Twitter: @iamclayking

Culture Good to Die Records Release FREE Summer Compilation