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'Burlesco DiVino: Wine in Rome' starts @ Triple Door Aug 8

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Jasper McCann and Lily Verlaine, creators of the Burlesque Alice in Wonderland, and the Burlesque Nutcracker, have a new show coming to the Triple Door: Burlesco DeVino: Wine in Rome. This likely-awesome bacchanal of corsets has a short run. Wednesday 8/8 through Friday 8/10. The Wednesday show is $25/28 DOS, and the Thursday and Friday shows are $30/35. Get your tickets soon. Their shows often sell out.

Burlesco was commissioned by the Triple Door to coincide with their Summer of Riesling. This is the first time that Verlaine and McCann have created a show based on someone else’s idea. It was an interesting and fun challenge for the two.

Said Verlaine, “I feel like this commission is a fantastic opportunity to further diversify our concept and demonstrate that we are willing and able to create a work that is based around the needs of a client.  I would love to announce to the world that we are able to bring their theatrical dreams to life.”

Jasper McCann continued:

“The opportunity to create new work for an entity outside our company is very exciting.  I believe this commission it is not only an acknowledgement of the success of our company’s style, but also a springboard as our company continues to evolve.  Our ‘Spectacles of Ecdysiastic Pageantry’ are a unique aggregate form of burlesque theater, and this opportunity has allowed us to continue to hone our particular style through an intense creative process that began with only a nebulous concept.  I believe this commission will lead to new opportunities in creative production and styling, and believe that it will be the first of many productions that are conceived by our company to facilitate the creative production and entertainment needs of others.”

Did we mention wine? There’s going to be lots of wine. You could do far worse than to find yourself at the Triple Door sometime between 8/8-8/10. If it comes close to their prior efforts, it should amuse and amaze.