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Album Review: Stagnant Pools Debut 'Temporary Room'


Indiana indie-rockers Stagnant Pools‘ debut full length record, Temporary Room, shows promise. Stagnant Pools is comprised of brothers Bryan and Douglass Enas. Armed with one guitar and a drum kit they produce distortion-heavy art rock that harkens back to the early days of bands like Joy Division and Sonic Youth. The duo gained momentum with a couple of DIY releases and, after recording Temporary Pools, they signed with Polyvinyl Records in May after Bryan graduated from Indiana University.

Temporary Room is a solid debut. The lead single, ‘Dead Sailor,’ is a great representation of the record. It features the brothers showcasing their instrument mastery. The distorted, fuzzed out guitars create an atmosphere that will draw you in immediately, the drums keep the rhythm on point, and Bryan’s deep, droning vocals fit well. The title track and ‘Maze of Graves’ are both solid rock tracks that will have you moving to the beat while ‘Alternate Ending’ has a slow, introspective feel to it.

Overall, this record is definitely worth checking out and I can see big things in the future for this fraternal duo. It does take a few listens to truly understand the merits of this album as there are few dynamics on this record; and the rhythm within the songs rarely changes. This has a tendency to project a sense of blandness, even though it definitely is not. My recommendation is to listen to the songs individually at first as the songs tend to blend together otherwise.