UPDATE: It’s Ryan. Multiple sources are confirming it. And Mitt Romney is advertising on the “Paul Ryan” search term on Twitter.

ORIGINAL STORY: First off, he’ll definitely be announcing tomorrow. That much has been confirmed.

The curious thing is…he’ll be announcing in Virginia. Why is that curious? Because Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was on the short list for Veep consideration. So for Romney to make this announcement there is a bit of a slap in the face.

Still, National Review has a couple additional reasons why it’s probably be Ryan and why Virginia makes sense…

Take note, veep watchers: Earlier today, a charter plane took off in Boston, stopped in Chicago, then flew to the tiny airport in Janesville, Wis. Janesville, of course, is the hometown of Representative Paul Ryan, a top vice-presidential contender. According to a source on the ground, the plane is still in Wisconsin.

Tomorrow morning, Mitt Romney will visit the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va.

All extremely interesting info.

Of course Romney needs to carry Virginia to win this year, but still…he could also stand to win Wisconsin. That state is historically very close, so why not announce up there? Too much of a tip of the hat to the pick?

Here’s some of the buzz…

A confidant of Mr. Ryan’s confirmed early Saturday that aides believed Mr. Romney had settled on the Wisconsin congressman to join the Republican ticket, but all advisers had been sworn to secrecy. Three senior Republican officials said that they, too, believed that Mr. Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, had emerged as the top choice.

Mr. Romney telephoned other finalists for the position on Friday evening, a senior Republican aide said, and thanked them for their cooperation in the vetting process and their help with his campaign effort. But he did not tell them whom he had decided upon.

And here’s more on Ryan…

Mr. Ryan, 42, is a rising star in the Republican Party and a favorite among conservative activists who view him as deeply committed to their fiscal principles.

But Mr. Ryan, a member of Congress since 1999, is also a lightning rod for Democrats who view him as the driving force behind Republican efforts to sharply cut social spending and entitlement programs.

He emerged with those dueling reputations over the last several years, and became a more public symbol soon after Republicans seized control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 midterm elections.

As chairman of the House Budget Committee, he pushed his colleagues to boldly stake out an uncompromising position on budget matters, sometimes making his colleagues uncomfortable about the political dangers of his positions.

Those dangers were voiced by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich last year, who called Ryan’s budget plan “right-wing social engineering” during an interview. He was quickly and roundly scolded by his Republican colleagues.

So what do I think about this?

Frankly, Ryan is the wrong pick.

First, he’s too young. Shades of Sarah Palin there, although he has been in elected office since 1998…when he was 28.

Second, he’s a wonk. Essentially, a LOT of knowledge…but no charisma. When you couple that with Romney’s lack of charisma…well…you get a heaping helping of a lack of charisma.

Third, he’s a member of Congress. And, as we all know, when you’re a Congressman or a Senator…the sausage making of politics can come back to haunt you. You’re voting for bills with all sorts of legislation.

Fourth, have you seen Paul Ryan speak? If Romney appears out of touch…Paul Ryan isn’t far behind. Certainly not a man of the people or somebody that you’d want to say, “I want that guy as President.”

Fifth, he’s a career politician. That doesn’t match very well with Romney’s “I’m a businessman first and foremost” story. Because the presidency is a heartbeat away. That was one of the reasons why Palin hurt McCain in 2008. By picking her, he took away one of the only things he had going for his candidacy: experience.

So why is Romney picking him?

Personally, I think this pick is designed to get conservatives back on Romney’s side. They don’t buy that he’s a “real” conservative like them, what with little things like his Massachusetts mandated health care program. A Ryan pick will solidify (and excited) the base and then Romney can go and try to win back Independents. Easier said than done.

More as it develops…

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