NBC’s smash hit Grimm took many people by surprise. The show was given a Friday evening slot, which suggests the producers were modest about its potential success. The ratings were so high for season one, NBC began airing reruns during the week. If you haven’t seen the show you, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It follows the small-town Detective Nick Burkhart and his supernatural experiences. Despite sounding like a small-budget ABC Family special, the show packs in mythology, folklore, suspense, and mystery-thriller elements. It brings a new twist to the perception of Brothers Grimm, the famous German storytellers. Both Hollywood and television have begun to trend toward fairy tales and mythology. The infamous vampire craze driven by Twilight has yielded werewolf lore as well. ABC continues airing competing show Once Upon a Time, and Hollywood has released films like Van Helsing, The Brothers Grimm (R.I.P. Health Ledger) and the two rivaling Snow White films, Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman. Despite others using similar material there is something special about this show.

Season one has come and gone, but there is much to look back on. The show moves like a combination of Supernatural and Law and Order, which sounds strange but is oddly satisfying. In the pilot, Nick discovers his ability to see monstrous creatures he thought only existed in fairy tales. A visit from his sick aunt confirms this talent and why it exists. She claims the stories collected by the famous Brothers Grimm are actually true. Nick is one of the last grims, who must protect the balance between the world of humans and wesen, mythological creatures who hide as humans. The show suggests that many criminals are actually types of wesen. The show features German names and pronunciation, since the real Brothers Grimm were German cultural researchers.

The cast of Grimm is quite good, and the show does not serve as a vehicle of fame for a famous actor. Much of the talent is lesser known or up and coming. David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, and Silas Weir Mitchell are highlights. Giuntoli is adequate as Nick, but he has not yet shined. Hopefully season two brings his character a new edge. Actor Silas Weir Mitchell plays Nick’s new close friend and a Wider Blutbat named Monroe. Blutbats are similar to wolfmen, one of the many species of wesen that exist among humans. Monroe is easily the most likeable of the cast, being a reformed Blutbat and professional clockmaker. His sarcastic and smart sense of humor helps drive the show. In fact, Nick’s two “partners in crime” Monroe and his cop partner Hank (Hornsby) provide two very different humors to the show. Hank represents Nick’s ties to the human world, while Monroe becomes associated with the more dangerous and supernatural aspect of being a grimm. To further complicate matters, Nick decides to stay with his long-time girlfriend Juliet (played by up and coming Bitsie Tulloch), despite his aunt’s warning it is too dangerous.

I do not want to speak about the plot of the show, since I am hoping this will encourage you to watch season one. Season two begins Monday, August 13th at 10/9c. The first season is quite long with 22 episodes. I have been re-watching episodes to prepare for season too, and believe me, they are just as good the second time through! It has taken be so long to construct this review of Grimm, but it is hard to pinpoint what I like about it. It is just so good. I truly hope you can find the magic here too.

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