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Limp Bizkit Have Boycotted America

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Which is why I think we should, in turn, boycott Limp Bizkit.

That’s right, America. We should boycott Limp Bizkit, and maybe even banish them to Monkey Island.

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst says his band doesn’t tour the states anymore because “we’ve boycotted America for many years now. I don’t know, I just don’t wanna go out like that. We did a few radio shows in 2010 for a friend and that was it. We haven’t properly toured America since 2006. The reason? We just don’t know what’s going on in America. It’s all about the new catchy thing and that’s always changing.”

So, let me translate.

Basically, Limp Bizkit doesn’t tour here anymore because no one cares about Limp Bizkit anymore.

But in Europe and other parts of the world, people do care? I thought Limp Bizkit were an international joke.

“America is driven by record sales. It’s the home of corporations. We’re just Limp Bizkit, so we don’t know how to do anything but Limp Bizkit. But here’s the deal: say in 2000, there were 35 million people who connected to this band. Twelve years later, lots of those people have moved on. We were a moment in time and it’s over.”

I’d say that’s true for most of those 35 million. So, stop.

Gotta love it when a dude realizes he is irrelevant, but carries on anyway.

And please don’t get me wrong: I am in no way, shape, or form upset about Limp’s U.S. boycott. I hope it lasts forever. But I do support boycotting Limp, just to be spiteful.