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Dave Mustaine Believes Obama “Staged” Aurora Massacre, Sikh Attack

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Dave Mustaine

Let me repeat that: WOW!

Dave Mustaine is pissing all of his heavy metal legacy by opening his mouth too much. The Megadeth frontman’s got a real problem with that.

After raising eyebrows by commenting that U.S. President Barack Obama “was born somewhere else than America,” now he’s gone and said something even dumber.

During Megadeth’s August 7 performance at Fort Canning in Singapore, Mustaine addressed the crowd after someone threw a shoe onstage.

During his four-minute speech, Dave bitched out the dude who threw the shoe (“that’s what happens when cousins fuck”) and joked with another fan.

Than, he let the venom go.

“Back in my country, my president, he’s trying to pass a gun ban, so he’s staging all of these murders, like the ‘Fast And Furious’ thing down at the border; [the massacre in] Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there; and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple [near Milwaukee, Wisconsin],” Dave said.


“I was talking to J.D., our promoter here tonight…What a great guy. I was saying, ‘I don’t know where I’m gonna live if America keeps going the way it’s going because it looks like it’s turning into Nazi America. And he said, ‘Move down here to Singapore.'”

I agree. You should, Dave. Either that, or SHUT THE FUCK UP. No one wants to hear about your views on shit, you close-minded fuck.