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Readers’ Bands: You’re Gonna Dig Mothra


This week’s Readers’ Band pulled me in immediately.

They’re called Mothra, which is already pretty awesome.

But then I was sent a video for a song called “The Beginning,” which follows at the end of this post, along with a note from guitarist Hugh Allan saying the track was mixed by Aaron Harris of Isis fame.

Allan explained he loves the site, and wanted some love. That’s cool. Mothra are a good band. I’m happy to oblige.

Mothra is an instrumental progressive rock band from Auckland, New Zealand, that formed in 2008.

The band, who have opened for Devin Townsend, are “focused on sound experimentation and often progressive musical ideas. By the same token cohesion, flow, and even pop sensibility are also important elements of the song writing process. Whatever the song beckons,” says the band’s bio.

Check out the following track and try to tell me it isn’t rad.