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Serj Tankian Open To “Best Of” System Of A Down Release


System of a Down
So, I guess the bad news here is that Serj Tankian is not interested in releasing new System of a Down music.

The good news? He would be down to release some previously unreleased tunage, by way of a System “best-of” collection.

In a new interview, Serj said he and his System of a Down bandmates have no plans for a new studio album — at least not yet.

However, Serj says that he would be receptive to the idea of issuing a “best-of”-style collection with several previously unreleased songs.

“I think we have about four or five unreleased tracks that we finished before,” Serj explains. “We need to talk about what to do with them, etc. But I would be very open to releasing, like, a greatest-hits record with a few [previously] unreleased tracks. However, we haven’t really discussed it, so I don’t wanna make a promise.”

And I would be very open to not buying it.

New System of a Down album, of get the fuck out.