Forget their classic white-on-black look. Forget the string of international hits as long as Justin Bieber’s arm. Forget the fact that their latest album features collaborations with stoner rock god Josh Homme. Forget their quirky humor – and those effortlessly cool jerking dance moves.

All you need to remember about The Hives is how entertaining they are.

Their last visit to Seattle was one of the most energetic and enjoyable concerts in recent memory, a heaving, sweaty mess of jagged guitar riffs and European punk-chic. The Hives don’t just perform – they entertain, and they do so with such nonchalant charm that you’ll almost forget that you’re dancing. Or throwing yourself around like an inebriated I.D.I.O.T., anyway.

Okay, you can finally remember their latest album, Lex Hives, too – because it’s a startling return to a form that never truly deserted them at all. If it goes a little darker and deeper than some Hives albums, that only serves to underline their punk rock roots. First single ‘Go Right Ahead’ already feels like an anthem in the making, and those of you who’ve seen them on stage before will be drooling at the prospect of catching a live performance. Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist might even bust out some new dance moves.

Now that you know how mindblowing The Hives can be, the good news is that tickets are still available for their show at the Showbox at the Market (see note below) on September 7th, priced $25 plus fees (buy tickets here). By my reckoning that’s about 20 Euros, or 167 Swedish krona. Not bad for several hours of auditory awesomeness.

NOTE: This show has moved from the Showbox SoDo to the Showbox at the Market. All tickets for the SoDo will be honored.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the official video for ‘Go Right Ahead’ below. Just remember to check your mundane life at the door.

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