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Baroness Release Hospital Photo, Thank Fans


Baroness' members recovering
They look good.

At least they’re smiling, right? That’s a positive sign that Baroness are on the road to recovery after running off the road in England last week, down a ravine, in a horrific bus accident.

Guitarist and vocalist John Baizley has broke his left arm and left leg. Drummer Allen Blickle and bassist Matt Maggioni each suffered fractured vertebrae. All three remain in the hospital.

In a statement released today along with this photo, the band thanked all of “you who have been sending the tidal wave of positivity our way. We are uplifted by its sheer magnitude, and power.

“Every single one of you is making our days and nights easier and our recovery quicker,” says Baroness. “Thank you all so much, we are truly lucky to have such incredible people on our side. A sincere and heartfelt thank you from each of us to each of you.”

Pete Adams, the band reveals, is already back in the states. His injuries weren’t so bad.

We’re glad no one is killed and the guys are looking well.