First, a screenshot of the status update his campaign posted on his Facebook Page two hours ago.

As you can see, the comments are not kind.

Still, this is the LAST word we’ve had from the Akin campaign. This is after all the interviews he gave, all the statements by every Republican that matters currently in the political landscape and the understanding that institutional Republican money that has been pulled out of Missouri.

Basically, the Akin campaign knows what they’re up against…but they still posted the above.

So reasons why…

  • First, I’ve heard through the grapevine here in the MO/KS political scene that a lot of politicos quit on Akin about a year ago after they joined his campaign because they found out he was, well, how he is. Then he hired new people. Most of those folks quit too. Now his son is his campaign manager and his wife is his business manager. So he’s surrounded with yes men and women. Not a good recipe for reality.
  • Second, Akin has been in office since 2001, so he knows scandals can die down after a week and the news cycle forgets. Best to wait out the storm. That’s to his credit as a politician. Will we REALLY be talking about Akin next week?
  • Third, he’s part of that bold, new Tea Party thing. They buck the system. Haven’t you heard?
  • Fourth, he literally thinks he has been chosen by God to run. Not that this is a shocker when it comes to the GOP, but I thought it should be stated…yet again.

One more thing, I’ve heard from those same politicos I mentioned above that his former campaign manager described yesterday as yet another example (in a list of other embarrassing situations) that validated the said campaign manager leaving the campaign. So this, apparently, isn’t Akin’s only unforced error. Would be interesting to see if others could be dug up, no? Because that’s what usually forces folks like this out…multiple unforced errors.

So what does this all ladder up to? He’s staying in? He’s dropping out?

I’ll stick to the Facebook post. He’s staying in.

More as it develops…

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