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Former Metal Church Bassist Convicted On Pot Charge


I love this photo
A long time ago, Stephen Wesley Ungerbuehler — known to fans of Metal Church as the band’s former bassist, Steve Unger — was arrested.

Why? Police claimed he was the leader of a huge marijuana growing endeavor that raked in profits he laundered through his personal bank account.

Serious charges.

On Monday, reports claim his criminal case was resolved.

He was convicted on one count of unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance.

He had been facing two more serious felony charges — leading organized crime and money laundering — but both were dismissed by jurors at the end of his three-week trial.

He was facing a ton of time in prison, but now likely won’t see much time.

Ungerbuehler’s lawyer, Jay Berneburg, argued his client helped a friend sick with cancer grow marijuana so she could use it as medicine.

I buy that.