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Devin Townsend Announces Drummer For Casualties Of Cool


Morgan Ågren
I just got off the phone a little while ago with Devin Townsend. What a righteous, awesome, funny, down to Earth dude. He’s fucking mint, to quote nomenclature from 30 years ago.

Today, part of what we discussed was Devin’s new project Casualties of Cool — what he said was a dark, almost country-sounding effort.

We’ll be bringing you that interview soon, but today, while talking to Dev, we learned drummer Morgan Ågren has been tapped as the kitman for Casualties.

“In a freak turn of events, the mindbending, unbelievable Morgan Agren is playing drums on Casualties Of Cool,” writes Devin online.

He said no release date for the record has been pinned down yet.

By the way, you really need to keep an eye open for our Devin interview. We discussed Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s betrothal with Townsend. His immediate response: “It’s the perfect storm.”