They definitely like Papa Roach

They definitely like Papa Roach
I forgot this tour was even happening.

It seems Papa Roach have been missing shows on the Rockstar Uproar Energy Festival, another traveling circus of cock rock brought to you by liquid poison.

The Roach’s absence can be blamed on singer Jacoby Shaddix’s vocals problems.

P.O.D. were called in to replace them on the bill for the Grand Rapids, Michigan, show. That’s like removing horse shit from your yard and replacing it with mule shit.

“Headed to grand rapids,” P.O.D. tweeted. “Papa roach dropped off today’s show so we’re covering their slot last minute. Prayers 4 jacoby to heal his vocals.”

Not sure exactly what caused Jacoby’s voice to go away, but I hope it stays away.

The band’s new album The Connection drops October 2.

  • Eat it.

    You’re a fucking idiot.

  • Rock Girl

    It is obvious that you are not a fan of the Roaches…your choice, your opinion. It is also obvious that you have no idea how passionate Jacoby Shaddix is about the energy that he displays on stage, the way that he sings every song and making everyone walk away from their shows counting down the days until they can have that experience again,(and let me add not many bands have that ability)! However, to say you wish upon someone a career ending injury is, for lack of more fitting words, an asshole thing to do. It would be like one wishing you were plagued with carpal tunnel syndrome to render you unable to spew shit in your little column. Oh but then again, unlike Jacoby, with you it is unlikely anyone would even notice! Good day!