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Album Review: Minus the Bear is back with 'Infinity Overhead'

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Minus the Bear is back with a return to form on Infinity Overhead. The guys from Seattle have been pleasing indie music fans with their intricate guitar laden pop songs for over a decade and aren’t showing any signs of fatigue. Their first three records were marked by guitar driven, upbeat pop sings before they decided to experiment with more of an electronic feel on their 2010 effort, Omni. Infinity Overhead is not only a return to the familiar, but showcases a maturity that serves to fill out the sound.

The opening track ‘Steel And Blood’, and ‘Toska’, feature upbeat rhythms and melodies paired with the sing-along vocals that fans of the band have come to love. The overall feel of the record is definitively toe-tapping pop, but songs such as ‘Diamond Lightning’ and ‘Heaven Is A Ghost Town’ feature an introspective feel that fits the group well. The songs on this record fit together perfectly and paint an eclectic sonic picture that will keep your attention from start to finish.

If you are in the market for a solid pop record to be the soundtrack of the fall (How can’t you be?), this is that record. Minus the Bear has proven once again that feelgood music can come out of the Pacific Northwest, grey skies be damned!  Check them out in a venue near you as they tour across the US, and at the Showbox at the Market on November 17th; their next Washington gig.