Georgetown University Tae Kwon Do Club Kicks Off its 12th Year of Life-Long Fun, Self-Defense, and Culture!

As the school year has begun throughout the nation, the Georgetown University Tae Kwon Do (GUTKD) Club resumes its bi-weekly practice on the main campus.  Classes are open to the Georgetown University community—students, alum, faculty, and staff.  Representative of the club’s membership, seasoned martial artists and those with no previous martial arts experience are equally welcome.

WHERE: New South Riverside Lounge (along Prospect Street west of 37th Street Northwest, Washington, DC).

WHEN: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:00-8:45pm and 8:45-9:30pm during Georgetown University’s academic year when regular classes are held.

WHAT: Members practice basics, combinations, forms, self-defense, sparring, board breaking, and fight choreography.  In addition to bi-weekly performances, members are exposed to various different styles of martial arts at the Annual Martial Arts Retreat.  On-stage performances (annual Asiafest/Georgetown Day; U.S. Department of Justice; Loew’s Theater Pre-Show for Jet Li’s “Unleashed”), social outings (movie nights; year-end luncheon), and tournaments are also key aspects of the experience of the club.

1. SGM Rhee with GUTKD's Inaugural Black Belts; 2. Rank Promotion in 2007; 3. GUTKD Club Featured in South Corean Newspaper “JoongAng Ilbo” on April 11, 2011.

Asiafest 2012: Engaging performance incorporating Taiji into fight choreography
Korean Student Association Demo 2011: The most theatrical and fun performance featuring characters from various movies/video games highlighted in the major South Corean newspaper, “JoongAng Ilbo”
Asiafest 2009 (TKD): The most grand most well-synchronized and well-executed performance
Asiafest 2009 (Taiji): Four of our GUTKD members performed a Taiji (Tai Chi) demo after 2 months of Taiji training
Asiafest 2008: Highlighting clean TKD basics
Asiafest 2006: Extreme board breaking including our inaugural Black Belts
Asiafest 2005: The most dynamic performance

GUTKD Club was founded by Master Mickey Lee, as a freshman, in September 2001 to further the university’s diversity by introducing TKD to improve mental and physical strength, flexibility, and balance.  Open-mindedness is vital to the success of club members, especially with the Jhoon Rhee TKD curriculum and infusion of different martial arts styles and components.

GUTKD Club is not only a student club but also a Jhoon Rhee TKD school.  Great Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, the founder of TKD in America, is a mentor for the club and teaches special classes a few times a year. Our instructors (Master Lee, Dr. Melody Lee, and Mr. Dan Bronson) are students of GGM Rhee and certified instructors of Jhoon Rhee Institute.  The club is also referred to the Georgetown University 10021 Club.  GGM Rhee uses 10021 to describe “100 years of wisdom in the body of a 21 year-old.”

1. GGM Rhee training together with the late Bruce Lee; 2. GGM Rhee training with Muhammad Ali, who is wearing GGM Rhee's invention: sparring gear; 3. GUTKD Head Instructor Mr. Lee Holding His 2011 NASKA World Grand Champion Title with 3 of NASKA's Senior Board Members; 4. Instructors Master Lee and Dr. Lee's Interview with WUSA9 News Broadcast on Evening News!

Integral to the education of the whole person, a hallmark of GU’s Jesuit education, members cultivate physical and spiritual wellness through GGM Rhee’s martial arts action philosophy and his universal values.  As part of GGM Rhee’s philosophy, members recite the Student Creed at the beginning of class and conclude with “My Four Daily Affirmations.”

As GGM Rhee has brought together the cultures of Eastern martial arts and Western music in creating Martial Ballet, GUTKD Club also brings together the traditional and modern martial arts, harmonizing the artistic and the practical as well as the individual and the collective.  In the same spirit, Master Lee has brought Korean (Tae Kwon Do) and Chinese (Taiji) styles together through Martial Ballet as a martial arts competitor.  With this unique approach, he won the 2011 NASKA World Grand Champion in Men’s Traditional Forms as well as NASKA World Champion in Men’s 18-29 Musical Forms, Chinese Forms, and Chinese Weapons.


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