This first happened in April, but it was challenged, and now has officially been signed into law.

Today from The Examiner:

According to Planned Parenthood of Arizona lobbyist Michelle Steinberg, the law will reduce the amount of time a legal abortion can be obtained by women. Steinberg stated that, the law is our nation’s “most extreme piece of anti-abortion legislation.”

The bill was sponsored by Arizona State Rep. Kimberly Yee. Yee is also an ardent supporter of drug testing anyone who receives welfare assistance. She is considered by some to be an “extremist”.

Steinberg explained the law by saying, “The law defines pregnancy in a way that bans abortion two weeks before the other seven states who have similar laws. It calculates gestational age starting with the first day of the last menstrual period rather than the date of conception.”

Has Jan Brewer and the GOPers down there in Arizona just put a bullseye on the state as a Dem pick up in November? Or will this just sway more women nationally from Romney in other states?

I mean, seriously…how can you redefine when conception happens? Was that really their intent with this?

More as it develops…

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