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Zonaria Exclusive Song Stream: "Silent Holocaust"

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Arrival of the Red Sun
This is a special day for us. We’ve been down with Zonaria for fucking years now, so we’re hyper-psyched to be able to bring you an exclusive taste from the Umeå death metal band’s new album, Arrival of the Red Sun.

The song speaks for itself. I could attempt to describe it in words. But just listen to it. Would I tell you to listen to something if it weren’t awesome? You’re right, I wouldn’t. So, jack the speakers up to 11 and crank this fresh Zonaria cut.

The track is called “Silent Holocaust” and…like I said, it’s awesome. The guitars, the vocals, the drums…I mean, I defy you to find a single flaw.

The new record is the band’s first for Listenable Records.

Zonaria first formed back in 2001 as a power metal band under the name Seal Precious with Simon Berglund on vocals and Emil Nyström on guitars. After recruiting drummer Emanuel Isaksson, the group changed its name and proceeded to venture into a heavier direction.

They’ve toured with the likes of Marduk, Vader, Dark Funeral, and Satyricon, so you know they’re legit.

Zonaria recorded the new disc — available now — at Abyss Studios with producer Jonas Kjellgren.

Go get Arrival of the Red Sun — but first, listen to “Silent Holocaust.” This track destroys.