One less dumb fuck on the streets
New York’s Daily News is reporting that the 15-year-old who is accused of gunning down a classmate at a suburban Baltimore high school on the very first day of school was “obsessed” with the German industrial metal band Rammstein.

The dumbass kid police say was behind the shooting — Bobby Gladden — was arrested August 27 after allegedly opening fire in the lunchroom at Perry Hall High School.

Police say he critically injured a fellow student, Daniel Borowy, before guidance counselor Jesse Wasmer tackled his ass, bringing the rampage to an end.

Gladden — whose Facebook handle was “SuicidalSmile” — posted a status update the morning of the shooting: “First day of school, last day of my life. … fuck the world.”

No, kid…fuck you. You’re the reason why I am afraid to bring children into the world, and I hope you’re locked up for the rest of your adult life, because nothing changes a shitty attitude around like forced anal in the prison shower.

The News claims Gladden described himself as a “metalhead” and a fan of Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. His cover photo was of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. He isn’t a metalhead, he’s a kid with bad taste in shit rock.

I’m sure the media’s going to have a field day bashing metal again, and blaming the genre for the violent acts of some misguided miscreant who’ll surely be some dude’s play thing in the big house.

Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson said at a news conference that Gladden rode to school on the bus with a bag containing a disassembled shotgun, 21 rounds of ammunition and a bottle of vodka.

  • pryncesslysa

    they are blaming bullying. this happened about 45 minutes away from me and your article was the first report that i read that said anything about being ‘obsessed with rammstein’

  • lulz4lif3

    Rammstein da bess! Slipknot and Marilyn Manson are shit though. Fucking dumbass kids these days…

  • Fuck, this guy is very stupid! True Metalheads don’t kill people, they talk to them and make friends! And they love school because in school they can dress all metal and piss off fascists and douchebags. Oh and did I mention that school is packed with beautiful young girls? So there ain’t no fuck the world, fuck this guy.

  • Alex Herring

    What a fuckstick… if he hated everything so much, maybe he should’ve talked to someone about that, because ya know guns can do express feelings so much better I guess? It actually doesn’t surprise me…. his favourite band was Rammstein, their terrible, I’d wanna kill someone if they were constantly in my life.

  • carebear

    Yall dont know the real story…there r kids who were there saying that he shot at the floor and when he was rushed the second shot went off…yes its wrong 2 bring a gun 2 school but how much did he have 2 indure for there 2 b such a high level of intimidation….give the KID the help he needs….no adult jail cuz that will only make things worse….hes a KID!!!! Free bobby

  • asunja

    Such stupidity. If they would translate the songs properly they would know this violence could not be possibly blamed on Rammstein. How convenient to have an easy scapegoat – a metal band of which they know nothing about. And where i agree with your taste in the other two groups, Rammstein rocks!

  • Erik

    Criticizing and associating metal bands with irresponsible actions of misguided and ignorant youth is completely absurd. It doesn’t matter what band/ genre you listen to, all acts of reckless aggression are wrong. I listen to Rammstein frequently, yet I’ve never committed any act of violence. Besides, not all fucking Rammstein songs are violent and brutal as many bigots are prone to believe.