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Suicide Silence Frontman Busts Elbow


I’ve broken more than a few bones in my day, and one of those breaks was a compound break — meaning the shattered bone breached my epidermis.

Compound fractures are no fucking joke. I can not begin to describe the ass-clenching pain I endured while the doctor tried to get my bone back under the skin of my hand.

After the bonehead doc set it, they x-rayed my hand only to discover dude had totally fucked it up. The doctor then had to re-break the bone he’d set, and set it again. I can still feel a bump on the top of my hand where that bone broke through.

Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker has broken his elbow, and he, too, now knows the pain of a compound break.

That’s a picture of part of his bone protruding from the skin of his elbow. The funny thing is, air feels weird on your bones. It’s a strange feeling.

Anyways, so, he posted that pic online, saying, “This is a picture of what came out of my broken elbow. Yep… That’s a Lil chunk of bone.”

Mitch continues to perform with the band, despite the injury.