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The Rock Fan's Guide to Bumbershoot 2012

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One of the best draws to Bumbershoot is the diversity of musical acts that will be on display this Labor Day weekend. Whether you like quiet acoustic fare, or hip hop, soul or a variety of other stylings there is something for everyone.

If you like your music loud, a bit screechy and sweat inducing then you’re in luck.

There are plenty of hard rocking bands that will be playing this weekend for you to check out. Here are some of the loudest and most intriguing acts this weekend.

TacocaT: Saturday, 12:15 at the Sub Pop Stage.

Hailing from Tacoma this punk/garage band is loud and a ton of fun. Start your Bumbershoot experience off with some music to get your blood flowing and the party starting.

Here they are doing ‘Leotard’

Unnatural Helpers: Saturday, 1:45 at the Sup Pop Stage

Another local band, Unnatural Helpers play garage punk the way it should be played – loud and fast. Led by drummer and lead singer Dean Whitmore the band plays songs that are short in length, and if you caught their appearance at Bumbershoot a couple of years ago you know that they cranked through their time slot with twenty minutes to spare.

Here they are with ‘She was your girlfriend’

The Spitting Cobras: Saturday, 1:00 at the Exhibition Hall Stage

If you like your rock and roll to be a bit more like Black Sabbath meets 80’s Los Angeles metal, then The Spitting Cobras are right up your alley. They claim to be what rock has been missing for 20 years and are also a Seattle band, which proves that there is more to the local scene then quiet, soft, make-you-cry music.

Here they are with ‘Throw Your Horns’:

Prong: Saturday, 4:30 at the Exhibition Hall Stage

If you have been missing some old school 80’s heavy metal the boys from Prong have returned to feed your head banging hunger. The metal trio is back with a new album called Carved in Stone which promises to provide ample drop d tuned riffs and screechy vocals.

Here is ‘Snap your fingers, snap your neck’:

The Dirt Bombs: Sunday, 5:45 at the Tunein Stage

Hailing from the motor city The Dirt Bombs play rock and roll that has been injected with a number of influences you would not normally associate with loud rock music. They meld rock with R & B, punk and a splash of soul which sounds like a perfect way to head into a Bumbershoot Sunday evening.

Here is ‘Ever Lovin’ Man’:

Mudhoney: Sunday, 6:45 at the Sub Pop Stage

It makes sense that Mudhoney would play the Sub Pop stage as the band and label share much of the same history in Seattle. Nobody has been cranking out loud and screechy bliss as well or as long as the boys (men) from Mudhoney. Who would have thought that they would end up being the longest lasting band from the grunge era? They are Seattle legends.

Here is ‘Into the drink’: