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Bumbershoot Review Day 1: Don't Talk to the Cops


By the second song of their 1:00PM Saturday set, Don’t Talk to the Cops were cabbage-patching, and so was the audience. Bumbershoot is off to a hip-hop-tastic start with Capitol Hill’s @DontTalkToThe having proven unequivocally that people are ready to dance and cheer in midday sun.

The addition of the large monitors on either side of the stage, and how they give close-up views of all of the antics makes the show feel very intimate, despite being outside, with music from other stages bleeding in during the silences. Bumbershoot had upped its game.

The last time I saw DTTC was at the 2011 Capitol Hill Block Party. This show was so much more refined, and produced – a lot can happen in a year. Such a fun stage performance, with BlessOne and Emecks surrounded by Mash Hall b-boys, everyone dancing, shouting, and kind of celebrating live, and the moment. After the youngest b-boy, Lil’ Bless, got done with a bit of breaking and popping BlessOne said “Give it up to the next generation, yo.” Almost precious… okay, precious, but the joy in the atmosphere was pretty evident.

There were some choice moments. During a song where the chorus was “bounce, bounce,” BlessOne did a bit of Otis Redding, singing “a little bit softer/little bit louder now” towards the end. Great juxtaposition. Later he channeled Beck channeling Prince channeling the Almighty in a song about love, and the commitment of getting another person’s name tattooed on your body. I’d only ever considered it as bad luck, but they made it seem beautiful.