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King Diamond, Darkane Members To Guest On New Enraged


She gets enraged at her absent dad and gets questionable tattoos as a result

You know I need to hear this shit…and so should you.

Holland-based death metal act Enrage are currently mixing their new disc, It’s Your Fear That Feeds Their Power.

Produced by Jochem Jacobs, who is the guitarist for Textures, the album will feature guest guitar solos by James Murphy, King Diamond’s Andy La Rocque, Darkane’s Christofer Malmström and Jens Van der Valk from God Dethroned.

I need this. You need this. Let’s get it.

The band was founded in 1997, and released a demo, a mini-CD, and a promo as they toured Europe with the likes of Deicide and Arch Enemy.

How could this record not be rad?