It’s here. After 362 days of waiting, Bumbershoot is back – and it’s brought the sunshine back with it. If this carries on they may have to think of another name…

As always, CultureMob will be reporting from all three days of the festival, giving you reviews, interviews and photo galleries from one of the best – and most unique – inner city festivals in the country. We have plenty of excitement lined up this year, from Tony Bennett to Skrillex (and am I the only one who’d secretly like to see these two mash up ‘Rags to Riches’ live on stage? Drop that bass….). There’s oodles of local talent too, including Reignwolf and The Young Evils, and the inaugural Sub Pop Stage looks like a must-see mini-fest all on its own.

Throw in the short film lineup, some live comedy, rank upon rank of food trucks, performance artists, and even a book or two, and Bumbershoot 2012 promises to be a great vintage. Here are our latest articles live from the festival (links will be updated throughout the three-day fest, so keep visiting this page for the latest Bumbernews):

Bumbershoot 2012 – Festival Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery – “Bumbershoot is constantly changing and evolving, adapting itself to new challenges, new venues – and, of course, ever-changing musical trends… but Bumbershoot 2012 didn’t always feel like a vintage year for the 42-year old festival.”

<Bumbershoot 2012 Comedy Round-Up – “James Adomian did his impression of Jesse Ventura doing dub-step, Jay Hollingsworth told a grandly fecal anecdote, Nick Swardson made a hung-over appearance to complement the drunk performance I saw the day before.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 3: Peering Behind the Curtain of Skrillex – “You’re here because there are flames shooting up, the likes of which would put the band Kiss to shame. You’re here for the armadas of spotlights dancing through the smoke. You’re here for the strobes, the lasers, the video clips.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 3: The Vaselines – “During ‘Jesus don’t want me as a sunbeam’ Nirvana’s Krist Noveselic joined them on stage to play the accordion. It was an obvious, yet fitting, gesture as the bands have such a shared history.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 3: Fishbone – “At their best, Fishbone was a high energy ska band, with driving bass and blaring horns. Somewhere along the way they tried to morph into a thrash band and their popularity suffered for it. It was refreshing to see that they may have learned their lesson.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 3: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “While their two albums are wispy, dreamy pop records, their live set sounded closer to the guitar noise of Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine. Clearly their sound engineers know how to turn it up to eleven.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 3: the Wildness of M83 – “It was reminiscent of the Emperor’s entrance in the movie Return of the Jedi – lots of smoke, colored lights, and darkness. There were also, if I’m not mistaken, laser fingers.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 3: Reignwolf – “Near the end of this set he climbed onto the barricade keeping the packed crowd at bay and ripped a solo, before climbing over the full drum kit to play the drums with one hand and his guitar with the other.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: Blitzen Trapper Howl at the Moon – “Blitzen Trapper delivered a killer set, their twangy indie Americana inspiring everything from mosh pits to square dancing. All it needed was a few jars of moonshine and the atmosphere would have been just perfect.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: Mudhoney – “Older now – there were small children back stage dancing along to the music – Mudhoney still knows how to excite a crowd. Within seconds of their first song the crowd was electric, moshing and crowd surfing, just like it was 1992 all over again.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: Mac Miller Turned Key Arena Into a Writhing Creature – “Eventually it reaches a fever pitch where the arms on the floor of the arena look like an army of sea anemone tentacles in a violent current.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: The Dirtbombs – “Are they a punk band? Garage band? Soul band? Soul-rock-punk band? Sunday evening The Dirtbombs were all of those things and more.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: The Young Evils – “Troy Nelson seems to have cashed in his acoustic guitar for a Telecaster and the volume was turned up. New drummer Eric Wennberg was a force behind his kit and gave the new songs an extra rock punch in the gut.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: Tony Bennett Has Still Got It – “At one point Bennett said to the audience, “I’ve been singing for fifty years ladies and gentlemen… I’ll be honest, it’s the last sixty years.” If you’re wondering, that’s how long it takes to become the coolest living singer in the world.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: Futurama Writers Panel – “What we saw was the first part of what will be a show split into three sections that each parody a different 1980’s Saturday morning cartoon. The show will air next season, and it will be called Saturday Morning Fun Pit. What we saw bore a striking similarity to Scooby-Doo.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 2: Gold Leaves in the Late Summer Sun – “As Gold Leaves rattled and hummed their way through debut album The Ornament the crowd reclined happily in the sun, soaking up some much-needed Pacific rays.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: Jane’s Addiction at the Mainstage – “Perry Farrell and guitarist Dave Navarro are two iconic rock figures and watching them Saturday night you find yourself wondering what kind of vampires they are. They don’t appear to have aged.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: John Waters, Filth, and Standing Ovations – “He was delightfully filthy – like a beautiful song in a porno. Pedophilia jokes involving Justin Bieber, necrophilia what-ifs, obscure sex acts and the horrifying results thereof – all of of it hilarious.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound – “Of course they finished the show with the Wilco cover, and of course we were all dancing in that self-conscious Seattle way.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: Unnatural Helpers – “While the songs were all finely crafted and pulled off without a hitch on stage Saturday, they came across as somewhat hard to handle in the stunning sunshine that lit up the Bumbershoot grounds.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: Paul F. Tompkins and Friends (Real and Fake) – “He tossed some throw-away sunglasses onto the stage, and Tompkiins stomped on them. “Sir, you are a worthy opponent,” Tompkins said to the man.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: King Khan and the Shrines Reign Supreme – “Working through a setlist of old and new, ranging from all-out garage rock to raucous guitar gospel, Khan and the band set fire to the Fisher Green lawn with some new tricks, some hot licks, and even a few scissor kicks.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: Missy Higgins gets the Aussie Ball Rolling: “Her current crop of songs put out a slightly darker, louder vibe than some of her earlier hits, and when Missy revealed that her long hiatus between albums was due to an extended period of self-doubt and writer’s block all the pieces slotted into place.”

Bumbershoot Review Day 1: Don’t Talk To The Cops – “Later he channeled Beck channeling Prince channeling the Almighty in a song about love, and the commitment of getting another person’s name tattooed on your body. I’d only ever considered it as bad luck, but they made it seem beautiful.”

TacocaT kicks off Bumbershoot 2012 with a bubbley set – “Their songs touched on topics such as candy peeps, pap smears, Anna Nicole Smith and urinary tract infections. There are not many bands who can get grown men to sing along with the lyrics ‘my vagina has an infection’.”

The Young Evils’ MacKenzie Mercer talks Bumbershoot and Motley Crue Cover Bands – “We had this mutual love for a lot of 70’s punk rock and a lot of 80’s hair metal. We’ve joked about doing a Motley Crue cover band for years.”

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