TacocaT at the Sub Pop Stage. Photo: Dan Coxon.TacocaT kicked off Bumbershoot with a highly energetic and extremely fun show Saturday afternoon. Playing the Sub Pop Stage, bursting in the sunshine, they complained about how hard it was for them to get drunk before noon in between their catchy songs.

Their apparent sobriety did not keep them from playing pop-punk that had everyone feeling like they were in a kick-ass house party. A bubble machine soon had the whole scene looking like some sort of sugary birthday celebration, only with punk music. Lead singer Emily Nokes’ pink tutu and sunglasses also added to the astethic.

The brilliance of TacocaT is that the band, made up of three women and one male guitar player, touch on subjects that will make women throw their hands up in solidarity and make men slam dance in the pit. Don’t be fooled however, they are not an angry band by any stretch of the imagination.

Their songs touched on topics such as candy peeps, pap smears, Anna Nicole Smith and urinary tract infections. There are not many bands who can get grown men to sing along with the lyrics ‘my vagina has an infection’ but TacocaT pulled it off.

The band, claiming they’ve never been given an hour long set before, played their Shame Spiral record in its entirety before continuing on with older material which included a song about the demise of Kevin Costner’s career. In total they played close to twenty songs – the beauty of playing punk songs around two minutes long.

They ended their set with a Misfits cover, which has to be the first time anyone has song one their songs wearing a pink tutu. It seems evident that TacocaT may be the only ones who can pull that off.

Culture TacocaT kicks off Bumbershoot 2012 with a bubbley set