Detroit’s The Dirtbombs are an interesting and difficult band to try and pin down. When they hit the Tunein Stage Sunday evening a small but devoted crowd roared with excitement. As the band’s two drummers kicked in The Dirtbombs did their thing – which is everything.

Are they a punk band? Garage band? Soul band? Soul-rock-punk band?

Sunday evening The Dirtbombs were all of those things and more. Lead singer Mick Collins played a fuzzy guitar with vigor and showed he could belt out rock songs while still being able to sing with some soul in virtually every song. The two drummers pounded away in perfect synchronicity and gave Collins a force to lay his riffs over. Ko Melina was to Collins’ left playing an equally fuzzed out baritone guitar and providing back up harmonies.

Before long Collins’ shirt was soaked with sweat and he was surprised to find out that the band had more time as he quipped ‘Well here’s another song we don’t know’ when he found out the band could keep going on. He also gave a shout out to ex-pats from Detroit and led the band into a cover of what he called ‘Detroit techno’.

Detroit is home to some of the most influential garage-punk bands such as MC5 and The Stooges, and The Dirtbombs showed Sunday evening that they can hang in that sonic family with ease.

Culture Bumbershoot Review Day 2: The Dirtbombs