The Young Evils made their Bumbershoot debut Sunday evening at the new Promenade Stage and unleashed their new rocking sound. They concentrated their set mostly on songs from their new EP, Foreign Spells, along with new songs that have yet to be recorded.

The new sound is definitely louder, but they still have held onto their ability to write songs with infectious hooks and melodies. Troy Nelson seems to have cashed in his acoustic guitar for a Telecaster and the volume was turned up. New drummer Eric Wennberg was a force behind his kit and gave the new songs an extra rock punch in the gut. Nelson and singer Mackenzie Mercer harmonized as perfectly as they do in the studio and played off each other during the set.

When Mercer spoke to us last week she mentioned that this slight turn in sound represents the band’s personalities and musical tastes more accurately. That was evident on stage as the band bounced around and generally looked like they were having a blast playing these louder tunes. It’s a lot easier to jump around the stage when the music is heavier and louder.

The Young Evils ended the show with a perfect cover of Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids in America’, a song which seemed made for Mercer to sing and the band to crank out. This was The Young Evils’ first appearance at Bumbershoot but it sure feels like it won’t be their last.

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