The Vaselines have always been a somewhat obscure band despite their important place in rock history. Formed in Scotland during the 80’s by Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee nobody this side of the ocean really heard of them until Kurt Cobain started playing covers.

So when they took the Sub Pop stage Monday night we were seeing a slice of not only rock history, but a vital part of Seattle’s rock history as well.

The Vaselines were perfect. Kelly and McKee’s vocals were spot on and the songs blended pop music with punk music in a way that many have tried since, only without the same effect.

During ‘Jesus don’t want me as a sunbeam’ Nirvana’s Krist Noveselic joined them on stage to play the accordion. It was an obvious, yet fitting, gesture as the bands have such a shared history. In between songs McKee flirted with the audience proving that she just may be the cutest person in rock n roll.

Near the end of their set the lights accidentally went out on stage. While a technician frantically tried to fix the problem the band played on. The video screen behind them still functioned and turned McKee and Kelly into sillouettes.

Kind of fitting for The Vaselines, whose music we all knew despite not knowing them.

Culture Bumbershoot Review Day 3: The Vaselines