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Family — A Band You Should Know


So, yeah…before long, everyone’s going to be telling you they were listening to Family way back in the day, before they were big.

That’s because Family’s likely going to be one of those bands everyone’s going to love six months from now. I can see them amassing a Baroness-like following.

Anyways, now you know about Family, a Brooklyn based band with a classic yet progressive rock sound. The band’s new album, humorously titled Portrait, will hit stores October 30.

You can hear what Family sounds like right now.

The good folks at Decibel Magazine are streaming the album’s opener, “Bridge & Tunnel.”

Family is comprised of two native New Yorkers and two deep Southerners bringing together a wealth of musical influences and life experiences.

In fact, guitarist Joshua Lozano also plays with avant-black metal band Cobalt and former Swans vocalist Jarboe.

Robin Staps, guitarist of German band The Ocean, will release Portrait through his own label, Pelagic Records.

Staps hails Family’s debut as “crushing and unique, unlike anything I have heard… all killer, no filler.”

Family play a show September 7 at Don Pedro’s in Brooklyn, with Tiger Flowers and Meek Is Murder.