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Readers’ Bands: So, There’s A Band Called Hamferð


Yeah, man…so, I don’t know how you pronounce it, but there’s a band called Hamferð and apparently, at least one of their members reads Gun Shy Assassin.

We were contacted by Remi, the band’s drummer, who offered up an appropriate amount of ass-kissery (“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent site”) to get us to notice his band.

Hamferð was formed in 2008, with one goal in mind: To bring slow, crushing and atmospheric music to the Faroe Islands, “home to a bleak and depressive atmosphere that can only be properly communicated through the funeral march of Doom Metal,” the band’s Facebook says.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a track from the band, who’re not exactly my cup of tea. I like stuff that’s fast, and not this depressing. At times, I started looking around my apartment for things I could use to kill myself listening to these dudes.

But when they abandon that sadness element and get down to business, it’s actually fucking decent.

What do you think of these guys?

According to Remi’s email, “we play doom metal and we just won the Wacken Metal Battle Finals at the Wacken Open Air Festival.”

Congrats, dude…and now, you’ve also won the attention of our readership.