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Jeff Loomis Won’t Rule Out Nevermore Reunion


Jeff Loomis
Wait…what’s that?

The dude who left Nevermore is open to a reunion with Nevermore? That’s hilarious.

Funny but true. Jeff Loomis — who has released two amazing solo albums — says in a new interview that he’d never say never when it comes to getting back with Nevermore.

“A lot of good things came from Nevermore, and I wouldn’t be here playing music today if wasn’t for Nevermore,” Loomis starts.

“But I think every book has its ending, and when one chapter closes, another one opens up,” Jeff says. “So it’s kind of an end of an era for me, regarding Nevermore. I’m starting off fresh doing my own thing now, so really I’m just playing the music that I’m writing for my project. Kind of putting Nevermore aside. 18 years in a band is a long time my friend. It had to have its ending. I kind of just wanted to start a new musical direction with my life.

“I’m not saying that Nevermore will never get back together or do some sort of reunion, or a festival kind of thing in the near future, but at this given moment in time, it’s just kind of set aside,” he says. “We’ll see what happens in the future.”