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Goalie Unveils Black Sabbath Mask


I like that mask
Look at that! It’s Tony, fucking doing his thing on the side of Massachusetts recreational hockey goaltender Liz Conner!

Ozzy’s on the other side, but damn, Liz…you must really, really dig Black Sabbath to have Headstrong Grafx go through all the trouble of customizing a mask for you.

”I asked specifically for the picture of Henry (the flying devil logo) on the forehead, based on alternative CD art for The Devil You Know and the band name on the chin,” Liz said.

“My only other stipulation was that the mask not focus 100-percent on Ozzy. Tony Iommi’s riffs are what drew me to Sabbath, and I wanted to make sure he was included somewhere. The rest was all Headstrong.”

Agreed. Iommi basically wrote every riff in metal. Put that in your ass and snort it.

Liz is like Chris Mason of the NHL hockey team Nashville Predators. He, too, digs the metal, unveiling his latest Iron Maiden mask recently.