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TesseracT Get New Singer


I am fairly confident she is not the band's new singer
And for some reason, they’re not releasing his or her name yet.

They’re keeping it under their cap.

I hope this one can actually fucking sing, or that their voice actually fits with the band’s epic sound.

I have never gotten into these dudes because they’ve always had shit singers.

“The new singer is…not Dan. Not Elliot. But someone equally as special,” the band Tweets.

“But who would you imagine as a perfect fit? I’d say Mercury/Buckley. to avoid the inevitable distractions we won’t announce our new guy until 12th October along with the new single. #nocturne”

So, you’ve got more than a month to wait before finding out who their singer is.

I don’t know how I will make it through the next week let alone the next month not knowing who TesseracT’s singer is!