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Trap Them Working On New Stuff


Trap Them
So, I slept like fucking shit last night. So today, I ended up sleeping most of the day away.

Hence, the utter lack of posts until now.

I was literally just lounging around the house, snoozing the hours away after not getting many Z’s last night. I still feel like garbage. It sucks.

But you know what doesn’t suck? The fact that Trap Them are working on new songs at this very moment in time.

OK, maybe not this very moment, but they’ve been writing, and will continue to write.

OK, that’s not true either. The band’s guitarist, Brian Izzi, has begun working on riffs. Not sure if the rest of the band’s working on music, so really…the headline should be “Trap Them Guitarist Writing Riffs.”

I told you…I slept like poo last night.