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Wednesday 13 Prepping New LP


Wednesday 13
Are there any Wednesday 13 fans who read this site?

I’m curious. I’ve never understood the man’s appeal, either with the Murderdolls or his namesake band. I guess I’m not a “horror rock” fan.

Horror rock. More like “Bore her rock.”

Wednesday 13 announced he will release a new, full-length CD called The Dixie Dead in February or March — one or the other.

Wednesday 13 will give his fans the opportunity to be “buried” in the The Dixie Dead CD booklet.

There will be 13 available plots in the The Dixie Dead cemetery. The plots are available for auction through eBay.

Each winning bidder will have his/her name etched on the gravestone for all of eternity and receive an autographed copy of the CD. The lucky #13 (center plot) will also get an autographed ESP guitar that was used in the recording of The Dixie Dead album.

I wonder where the money from selling those plots will go? Up his nose or into his arms.