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Review: Hot Bodies in Motion @ The Crocodile 9/7

Hot Bodies in Motion, Photo by Mocha Charlie

Protip for venues: if you’re planning on booking Hot Bodies in Motion to play your stage, provide condoms to attendees as they exit the show. HBIM is probably the best band around Seattle right now, and the way they performed at the Croc Friday proved that to anyone who had doubts. The boys put on a show that left the crowd both satisfied and wanting more. So, basically, if this show were a sexual partner, it would get placed into the “top ten best” category. I don’t meant to get too sexual with you, but it’s not my fault. HBIM know that soul, blues, and rock and roll are as much about spine tingling guitar solos as they are about making music that turns on an audience. They were the puppet masters of 200+ libidos on Friday as they tore through an hour of material from their 2011 release and their upcoming EP. The entire show was noteworthy, but if you were there, you’ll agree there were a few stand out moments.

I swear, when HBIM launched into Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ I thought the momentum of 200 people’s hips shaking might trigger that big earthquake we keep hearing so much about. Ben Carson… the way he sang this song… I really have no words. Except, “I like the way you work it.” Another great Carson moment was when he pulled his little sister up on stage to accompany them on tambourine. It was a cute moment, and homegirl shook it like a pro! Carson may be the frontman, but guitarist Scott Johnson is arguably gives the best eargasm in town. Watching him on his guitar is mesmerizing- the guy’s just so incredibly talented it’s impossible not to be a tad awed.

At the end of the show, with the packed room absolutely covered in sweat, the audience demanded an encore. It was one of those perfect nights of live music where you don’t realize how disgusting you look because you’ve been having the time of your life. HBIM is a band that on record is a step above the rest, and live they even put their recorded selves to shame. Bands like this are rare and incredibly special. When Hot Bodies in Motion plays your neighborhood, buy tickets. Cancel any conflicting plans. And pick up a pack of trojans.