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Spheron Streaming New Tune


What’s that, you say?

You’ve never heard of German death metal dudes Spheron?

That’s OK. They’ve got a debut album coming out soon. So there’s a reason you haven’t heard of ‘em.

The band is streaming a new tune online called “Saturnian Satellites.” We’re streaming it at the end of this post.

The band’s debut album, Ecstasy Of God, was recorded with producer Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios.

Ecstasy of God is being shopped to potential labels, and boasts 12 tracks.

Those include “A Means To An End,” “The Beheaded Coachman,” “Prestige Of The Mortals,” “Clasp The Thorns,” “Prelude To The Misery,” “Five Degrees,” “Tragedy Of The Clerics,” “Choking On Incense,” “Anthropogenic” and “From Glint To Crackling.”