So the fine folks that organize Dorian’s Parlor kick off their announcement of their September 15 return event asking “Did you miss us while we were on break?” But it’s been so long, my heart has grown cold and hard from not being used since June. My top hat has refused to talk to me for weeks now, it’s like I’m living with a stranger now. Perhaps… maybe I can learn to feel again. Yes, I think… this feeling, the thought of neo-victorian garb, the promise of a unique night, this feeling! It feels like I’m coming alive again! Yes, I did miss Dorian’s Parlor! Now this empty feeling is replaced with anticipation and excitement for the alternate time line retro future that awaits us! Quickly grab a cup of tea and a scone and come back and read on dear viewer, I feel like this event will be yet another awesome time at the Parlor!

The headliner is Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings. Check out the site and listen to the sample music. I really don’t know what more I can say about it besides I really don’t want to miss the performance!

Little Miss Rollerhoops and the stunning Crickett will be showing off some fiery exploits. These fire shows are always fun since they must be done outside of the parlor on the side of the street. Be sure to get there early because crowds tend to gather when fire starts getting whipped around for some weird reason. 

Ak’ana belly dance troupe will be… well… belly dancing! Hope through the linky doodad to check out some samples!

House Musician “The Wandering Cellist” will be back along with the DJ Skills of Coghead. Also, would it be a Dorian’s without a fashion show? Well worry not, since STEAM WORKS will be putting on a fashion show for us all! Special guest M.C. is Mr. Hugh Casey. If his M.C. skills are half of his photography skills then we are in some incredibly good hands!

Now here’s the important part: Admission to the Parlor is $25, and includes a drink ticket and hors d’oeuvres. Discount parking is available in the hotel garage (cash only).

Now pardon me, I need to make nice with my top hat before the 15th!

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