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Judas Priest Mulling Lawsuit Against Gap


This is blatant plagiarism
Well, a blind man could’ve seen this one coming.

According to reports, Judas Priest may sue the Gap over that T-shirt they put out which basically ripped off the album art from Screaming For Vengeance.

The Gap design has since been removed from the company’s Web site. Surprise, surprise.

Says Rob Halford: “Well, it’s very naughty of [Gap]. They shouldn’t have done that and we’re investigating that right now because that’s intellectual-property rights. We were never asked [for permission for the image to be used by Gap], [and] neither was our label. Having said that, pushing the legal side of it to one side, it’s brilliant, isn’t it? To think that something 30-odd years later is still striking enough to be a fashion moment — it’s a bit like when the vodka people [Absolut Vodka] did the ‘British Steel’ label.”

Sue, sue, sue…that’s what I’d do.

“The thing is with artwork is that I don’t think that you can underestimate its power,” says Halford. “Like, you’ll see somebody walking down the street with a Cannibal Corpse T-shirt on, if you say to them: ‘Oh, I love that band,’ they’ll go, ‘What band?’ And if you say: ‘The T-shirt,’ they’ll probably say, ‘Oh, I just like it!’ And I think that’s great, because again you’re making a visual, emotional connection with people; that’s what Screaming For Vengeance is doing all these years later.”

Rob — those don’t sound like fighting words.

Take them for all they’re worth, guys!