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Waylander Exclusive Song Stream: "Kindred Spirits"


Kindred Spirits
OK, so I’m not totally opposed to folk metal. I just usually don’t like the stuff that uses too much loot. Or pan flute.

I need it to weave the folky elements seamlessly with some brutal, heavy shit. It can’t all be “happy prancing through golden meadows on our cloven feet” horse shit, if you know what I’m saying?

That said, you guys are going to love Waylander, who hail from Northern Ireland.

Chances are you’ve heard of them before, seeing as they’ve released albums through Century Media in the past. But for the uneducated, they’re brutal-as-fuck folk metal.

The kind of music you’d blast on your way back from a fierce battle, with a strong thirst for some mead.

The song that follows at the end of this post — which you’ll only find here, at Gun Shy Assassin — is the title track from Waylander’s new album, Kindred Spirits.

In a word, the song is “sick” and we’re fucking thrilled to be able to bring it to you.

Kindred Spirits is Waylander’s fourth album, and I’ve got to admit…it’s one of the nicest surprises I’ve had all year. I went in thinking I wouldn’t really dig it, but dig it, I did. The album is in stores now.