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Wendy Dio Remarries


Wendy and Dio
Say what?

The widow Dio has remarried?

What the fuck? Ronnie’s barely cold yet and she’s got a new dude all up in her shit?

Yes, folks — I just read on Blabbermouth that the widow of Ronnie James Dio married her “longtime” boyfriend of the past two decades — Omar Gimenez — this weekend.

Is anyone else mildly offended by this?

I mean, I get moving on with your life, but how was she Ronnie’s widow if she’s been dating a dude since 1992?

Last year, Wendy responded to accusations she was cashing in on Ronnie’s legacy by saying, “I feel very, very, very sad. It’s very hurtful, but I know what I’m doing for the fans. I know what Ronnie and I had together, so, you know, it’s a shame that people say things like that, but people do always say things like that. I’m sorry for them. Most of the fans are fantastic; [they are] wonderful fans that loved Ronnie so much and who know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Ronnie’s reputation. We’ve always fundraised. Ronnie and I always fundraised. For animals, for children, for everything. It’s only right that I continue in Ronnie’s aim to do that.”

What the fuck, man? This is not right.