Wendy and Dio
Say what?

The widow Dio has remarried?

What the fuck? Ronnie’s barely cold yet and she’s got a new dude all up in her shit?

Yes, folks — I just read on Blabbermouth that the widow of Ronnie James Dio married her “longtime” boyfriend of the past two decades — Omar Gimenez — this weekend.

Is anyone else mildly offended by this?

I mean, I get moving on with your life, but how was she Ronnie’s widow if she’s been dating a dude since 1992?

Last year, Wendy responded to accusations she was cashing in on Ronnie’s legacy by saying, “I feel very, very, very sad. It’s very hurtful, but I know what I’m doing for the fans. I know what Ronnie and I had together, so, you know, it’s a shame that people say things like that, but people do always say things like that. I’m sorry for them. Most of the fans are fantastic; [they are] wonderful fans that loved Ronnie so much and who know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Ronnie’s reputation. We’ve always fundraised. Ronnie and I always fundraised. For animals, for children, for everything. It’s only right that I continue in Ronnie’s aim to do that.”

What the fuck, man? This is not right.

  • jp

    Maybe they had an “understanding” or an open marriage, and just didn’t advertise it all over the place.


      Can I ask what an ” open marriage” is and what the purpoe of it is? You’re either married or you’re not. Wendy left; so the marriage was over. If you cannot live together as a couple, then your marriage is over and you both need to move on.

  • Val

    Or maybe she’s a fucking whore.

  • Bill

    Looks like the Dios (Padavonas) had an open marriage or practiced polyamory. Ronnie’s former partner Ritchie Blackmore admits he and Candice have a polyamorous relationship, a lifestyle that is common among pagans like Ritchie and Candace.

    Anyone that wants an honest discussion about the issue, I am willing to partake.

    • As a pagan myself, I can’t say that I have found polyamory to be particularly common among pagans. Some are, the majority that I have met aren’t. The idea that all pagans are into open relationships is a fallacy.

  • Val

    Who cares if they had an open relationship ? You just don’t strive to appear as a grieving, caring widow while you cash in and hump your gardener. Doesn’t have anything to do with paganism either (and since I’m honestly not willing to engage in such a debate with you, Bill, I’m going to ignore this offensive comment).
    Anyway, I don’t really give a shit. She’s a tramp. Big deal. It’s a shame but she won’t be the last. How much are you willing to bet that Sharon Osbourne will also unveil a longtime boyfriend when Ozzy dies ?

  • Bill

    Val, I don’t give a shit that you don’t give a shit. It’s Wendy’s life and she has moved on. Ronnie probably had other women in his life as well. I could care less what Ozzy and Sharon do. All they did was to give me good music over the decades and some entertainment value.

  • drippycheese

    she pushes dio merch on facebook endlessly…its overkill…..did I say cash cow…sorry

  • vivsavage666

    I’ve known Ronnie and Wendy personally for over 25 years. Their “marriage” was over a long time ago. They didn’t live together, etc. That being said, they remained the best of friends and she continued to be his manager until his untimely death. So whore and cheater and all that? No.
    And it is true that Ronnie did a lot of fundraising (Hear N Aid, for example) with Wendy for a number of different causes.
    Is she milking Ronnie’s legacy for everything it’s worth? Yeah. Selling Tshirts on facebook, etc., who cares, really? However, I am not a fan of Dio Disciples touring and them making money off of Ronnie’s music like that. Especially considering James LoMenzo never even played with Dio. That is just really lame.
    Would be a different story if it was Vivian, Jimmy, Vinny and Claude hitting the road with a new singer and playing the old shit.


      Wendy cheated on Ronnie for years. She left him in 1983. Ronnie even caught her in bed with another man and then again backstage during the sacred Heart tour of 1985/86. Many people knew that she was unfaithful. How dare she pretend it was a lie and then go on a TV show and soil his name? AND it is true. You cannot find any reference to her accusation of spousal abuse or her appearance on sally Jessy Raphael anywhere. I checked.

    • Marcus Giavanni

      Your an idiot!!!

  • Iilana

    From all reports they had broken up and gotten back together several times over the years but remained friends. At the time of his death, they may have been married, divorced or legally separated. Nobody really knows except the two people involved. However, her taking bows as his “widow” is disingenuous to say the least. That is why she is getting so much flack for capitalizing on his name. She is taking bows as his widow, not as his former or estranged wife and manager. I do remember seeing Wendy Dio on a talk show (possibly Sally Jesse Raphael) back in the early 90s accusing Ronnie of spousal abuse (verbal abuse and threatening behavior). Nobody seems to remember this show but I saw it. She said he woke her up screaming one night accusing her of adultery and she had to flee their house in just her nightgown because she was afraid of him. On MTV, there was a report that Ronnie filed to divorce her for adultery and that she called the police on him. Then it was reported that they were settling amicably. It was afterward, that I saw her on the talk show, which was about rock wives and the abuse they take. THIS IS TRUE. Yet, I defy anyone to find reference to this show or Wendy’s accusation anywhere online. It was their personal business, but SHE went on that talk show and attacked his good name out of spite. Maybe they got back together afterward, but that would be a lot to forgive on Ronnie’s part. Does anyone else remember this?

  • Joe Mama

    She can’t seem to get the year she was married to Ronnie straight. One interview she said she met Ronnie in 1975, a more recent interview said she was married to Ronnie in 1974.

  • I find this a little discouraging. However, I’m too old and jaded to be surprised.

  • badhaircut

    its not HIS music anymore – its her’s

  • Dio’s Angel

    I have known Ronnie for over thirty years, and they were legally separated since ’83. She treated him like dirt, and cheated on him a lot more than once and he knew it and finally had enough. It was NOT an open marriage. She has been living with Omar for over 20 years. Ronnie was enough of a gentleman not to bash her in public, but she had no problem bashing him in the media, but then, it was always all about HER. Is she “cashing in?” OH HELL YEAH!!!!! Ronnie was always a dollar sign to her and she is STILL squeezing every penny she can out of his name. As for the backstabbing Disciples….if any of them had any real talent, they would be writing and performing their own music. How can you have a Dio band without Dio????? These clowns rode his coat tails to fame and are STILL doing it. And these were Ronnie’s friends????? Wendy put this mess together just as another cash grab. THAT is how much she cared about and respected Ronnie. When Ronnie passed, he asked to have a gold Celltic cross that was very dear to him around his neck, and it was put there. But before he was buried, Wendy removed it, replacing it with a cheap imitation. Her excuse was that someone would steal it. The real reason? It was worth a lot of money and she wanted it for herself. This is the woman that many fans think is a wonderful person.

  • zepfan

    I love Ronnie James Dio very much after all those years I still smile widely while playing Heaven and Hell album with Black Sabbath. However, as far as I know and remember from 80′ Metal Hammers Wendy and Dio were ex even though they still kept together. So why shouldn,t she get married? I’m sure Dio wouldn’t mind that.

    • She could have married years ago. Why didn’t she and Ronnie divorce? She still would have gotten half of everything and she would have had the chance to go out on her own without using Ronnie as a stepping stone. What is WRONG is the way she has conned the fans and some of Ronnie’s peers who don’t knoe the whole story into thinking that she is the grieving widow. She left Ronnie in 1983, it was HER choice. She cannot play the role anymore. It’s wrong!

  • Marcus Giavanni

    What a scam…they have not been
    married for 20+ years.

    Intact she had a boy friend for 20 years she just

    They need to put her in a cage all right.

    We donated $2,500 to Dion’s cancer fund.

    They would not tell me anything on where the money

    Shame on all of You!!!!

    FCKRs that profit from Ronnie James Dio…RIP!!!

    Read this crap!!!

    Mrs. DIO…WTFY!!!

  • TheEyes

    It’s worth noting that the person on this thread going by the name Dio’s Angel is the same nut job who has been running around Facebook since RJD’s death claiming to have been his secret girlfriend of 20 years and who also claims she gave birth to his twin sons. She never new him at all. She started on Facebook with a profile named Jackie Taylor. And Claire Carro is nothing more than her little sheep of a disciple who believes and says whatever Dio’s Angel tells her to. And Claire sure as hell didn’t know Ronnie either. I know from personal experience that these are two of the most obsessed, delusional, lying psychos that you could hope to never meet. If they say it, you can bet your ass it’s bullshit.
    And Chris Harris, you just found out the Ronnie and Wendy weren’t some happy storybook couple? If you had known like the rest of the world maybe you wouldn’t be making an issue out of a single woman getting married.
    I never saw Wendy as acting like a grieving widow. Just a grieving friend.

  • Don Steitz

    I pity Ronnie over her.