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Hatebreed’s Next Album Almost Fully Tracked


Jamey SMASH!!!
Oh yeah, dude. Get ready to fuck shit up, because the new Hatebreed record’s nearly in the fucking bag.

Frontman Jamey Jasta posted the picture that appears in this post online. No, that’s not Jamey chomping into a pubic hair gyro.

Nope. That’s him doing what he does — barking into a microphone with passion and fucking anger.

Jamey says he can’t wait for us to all hear the new record, and promises “all pit, no shit.”

I’m sure.

Look, as long as it isn’t the same five bass lines and same seven riffs that seem to permeate through Hatebreed records, then we’ll be happy.

Who wants to bet on the name of the next Hatebreed album title? I’ve got a shiny quarter that says it’ll be one word.

If it’s more than three words, we may have to raid Hatebreed’s studio and confiscate that newly-acquired thesaurus.