Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann are back with their third season of The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. It’s running tonight, Thursday September 13th, through this Saturday, the 15th at the Triple Door. There are two shows each night, and tickets are $37 before fees. Considering the caliber of the show you get for the ticket price, it’s well worth it. Celebrate the change of seasons enjoying world class burlesque, tasty drinks, and sizzling meats.

Like the Burlesque Nutcracker put on in December by the same company, this Alice exists tangentially to the Lewis Carroll story. Our show takes place in The Looking Glass, Wonderland’s most exclusive nightclub, where characters from the story appear in breathtaking costumes and that get removed salaciously and accidentally (or with full knowledge and a double dose of sexy) to big band jazz. There’s a subplot with a precocious ingenue, Inga Ingenue, and Jasper McCann’s White Rabbit is the emcee, crooner, and audience riffer extraordinaire.

The first dance of the show is with the Among the Mushrooms, featuring Caterpillar, with Lily Verlaine as the head, and three other dancers under what can best be described as a baroque version of a Chinese dragon costume. The first veil to fall was the body costume being pulled back to reveal the three foxy mushrooms. It was funny, and lascivious and classy all at the same time. The audience knew their role too. They were hooting and whistling when the pasties were finally revealed, and it dissolved into huge applause, and we were on our way.

The second act really blew my hair back. The shadow dancing done in homage to Jabberwocky was all spikes and feathers, and it grounded the show in a bit of menace and magic. This dance featured Babette La Fave, who in 2007 was voted “Best Cabaret Entertainer” by Seattle Weekly.

Waxie Moon really shines as the Cheshire Cat, completely inhabiting the character with equal measures of silly and sly. Miss Indigo Blue (the reigning Queen of Burlesque according to the Burlesque Hall of Fame) makes us laugh at her Paula-Poundstone-esque Mad Hatter, and then we can’t look away as she finally makes her pasties twirl like pinwheels.

Alice starts and ends with a little magic, with a lot of bawdy fun, breathtaking costumes, joyous music, and enough bravery and talent on stage to prove we’re worthwhile as a species. I didn’t even mention The Tweedle Sisters or Eat Me and Drink Me! If you have plans, change your plans. See this show.

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