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Shadows Fall, God Forbid Touring This Fall?


Shadows Fall
Well, that’d be phat…and make sense.

I mean, they’re both from the East Coast, and I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying they’ve likely played a bunch together and likely forged a friendship over time.

They’ve both put out records recently, which they’ve still got to do a reasonable amount of touring around, I’d presume.

So, I’d say this rumor ThePRP heard about Shadows Fall and God Forbid touring this fall’s legit.

I might have to email Brian Fair — one of our columnists — and press him for a confirmation. But then again, maybe I don’t wanna put dude on the spot like that.

Two dates have slipped out, which means more are likely to slip out sooner than later. When they do, we’ll obviously be bringing you up to date on ‘em.

So far, they’re both set to play October 12 in Worcester, Massachusetts, at the Palladium and October 20 at Harpos in Detroit.