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haarp Streaming New Album


Why am I writing on a fucking Friday night?

Because why the fuck not?

OK, the truth is I have nothing better to do. Sad, right?

Well, I can’t and won’t get into it, but let’s just say my plans for the evening were butt-fucked, then spit on and I’m fucking steamed.

That said…I need to relax. I know a good way to do such a thing: Listen to the new haarp album. I know its with a lower-case H, but I’d like it better like this: Haarp. So there.

I have been listening to Husks for a few weeks now, and it’s dope shit.

You can hear it right now, in full, over at, a site you should be checking out on the reg.

Husks will be in stores on Tuesday, dawg.