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Hatebreed Finish Recording New Album


They're excited for new Hatebreed
Yup, that’s right.

Hatebreed are done.

With their new album, that is.

They’ve been plugging away for months now on the fucker, and now, they’ve commenced with the tracking of the album.

The CD is being produced by the band with assistance from Josh Wilbur and Chris “Zeuss” Harris.

“I’m very excited that the album is tracked,” guitarist Wayne Lozinak says.

“It was a great experience working with Zeuss and Josh Wilbur on this one. Every song is heavy, straight and to the point, in keeping with the traditional Hatebreed sound. Can’t wait to put some of these songs in the set and start playing them live!”

Added bassist Chris Beattie: “This is the album that Hatebreed fans have been waiting for — catchy, ignorant and full of energy!”

Ignorant. Glad I didn’t have to say it.

Come get this ignorant record, folks. It’ll make you dumber than you already are.