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Enemy Of The Sun Part With Bassist


Absinthe Green
That’s right, people.

Enemy of the Sun and busty blonde bassist Absinthe Green have gone their separate ways. Bummer.

“I would like to announce that I am no longer a member of Enemy of the Sun,” Green announced. “This may come as a surprise to many and has been an issue of much thought for me. The reasons are personal and also the fact that the band’s philosophy no longer represents my personal vision.”

That’s just sort of an innocuous, unexplained statement, huh?

“I am thankful for the music and experience I’ve been given as well as for the great times and the nice people I met along the way. I wish the band all the best for the future,” she says.

“As you most have noticed, I took some time off of my personal projects and this period has been musically stagnate for me, because of several professional and personal obligations as well as the fact that I had to move and settle to another country, that I now call my second home.

“But I am a traveler and the journey continues. I will let you know soon about my future plans. Music never stops so stay tuned!”

Oh, we won’t.