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Kelly Osbourne Denies Sharon Makes Ozzy Tour More Than He Wants To


Sharon and Ozzy
Ozzy Osbourne is a living legend, no question. But he’s also old. Dude deserves to maybe take it easy every once in a while, right?

Wrong. Ozzy’s always playing shows, and lots of folks think that may be because Sharon, his wife and manager, needs him to keep that coin coming in.

Speaking to the “Karlson & McKenzie” show on Boston’s WZLX 100.7 FM radio station recently, Kelly Osbourne defended her mom.

“That’s just what people write when my mom doesn’t give them the money they want” says Kelly. Huh?

“That’s what they say… It’s all politics in the music industry because they can’t stand that a woman is smarter than them,” Kelly adds.


Kelly says Ozzy regularly bitches about being on the road, but never wants to stop playing for his fans.

“He’s said that [he was done touring] halfway through every tour he’s ever been on in his entire life, but as soon as he gets home, he says, ‘When am I going on tour again?’” she said. “He was born to do it, [and] he never wants to stop. And when he isn’t doing it, he can’t stand it.”